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Nora Armani "Founding Artistic Director of Rated SR" - Actor - Filmmaker-Poet


NORA ARMANI is an writer, actor and filmmaker born in Egypt of Armenian parents. Her own stage creations Sojourn at Ararat, Nannto, Nannto and On the Couch with Nora Armani earned international accolades during extensive tours on four continents in over twenty five cities. Invited to Armenia to star in the films Deadline in Seven Days, Last Station and later, Labyrinth, she becomes cultural ambassador (1991-93), promoting Armenian cinema worldwide.She recently appeared on the acclaimed new CBS TV series Golden Boy opposite Theo James, and played lead roles in the films Was My Whole Life Wrong? By Maxine Pugh and Salaam Shalom by Dima Sbeitan, as well a TV Pilot for the Middle East called: Wazir.

Her poems are published in art catalogues and poetry anthologies, her plays are broadcast on French radio, and her feature film scripts are produced and awarded.Most recently she wrote, directed and produced the short film Moving Stories that Premiered at the Cannes Film Festival in 2012 (Short Film Corner), was screened at the ARPA Film Festival December 2012, in London’s Shoreditch Town Hall in February and is in the Official Selection of the Monaco Film Festival for May 2013.

A dual national (UK/USA) Nora divides her time between New York and Paris/London.

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