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Socially Relevant Films Touch Our Lives in Positive Ways

With the recent announcement of our official selection for the 2016 Socially Relevant Film Festival, we are thrilled to once again bring NYC audiences a fantastic line-up of documentaries, narratives and shorts this March 15-19.

As the founder of SRFF, I am often asked to elaborate upon the meaning of "socially relevant". After all, by definition, everything in our lives is "socially relevant". However, in selecting films for this wonderful festival, I am searching for something extraordinary.

As a culture, we are constantly confronted with violence and anger in many forms. Much of American cinema glorifies this violence, bombarding audiences with images of guns and warfare while minimizing the catastrophic consequences of this violence.

At SRFF, we reject this overwhelming destruction.

Instead, we choose to honor and advocate for films which inspire positive social progress. As storytellers, we have the responsibilty and privilege to use the visual power of cinema to tell stories which promote sustainable and peaceful communities. Now in our third season, we are proud to create the opportunity for these inspiring and insightful stories to be seen.

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