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The Unrepentant Marxist Previews SRFF 2016

Critic Louis Proyect previews two films concerning the Armenian genocide from SRFF 2016. The article starts:

As the founder of the SR film festivals, Nora Armani is blessed with an uncommon ability to curate some of the most important films being made today. As I have made clear in my survey of SR 2014 and SR 2015, these are films that are focused on the real problems of ordinary people and a welcome alternative to Cineplex escapism. It is not just that films about refugees or oppressed nationalities demand your attention as thinking and caring adults; it is that they are intensely dramatic as the struggles of refugees and the victims of national oppression tend to be.

Read more about films here.

100 Years Later wiill screen on Saturday March 19th at 2pm at Bow Tie Chelsea Cinemas.

Who Killed the Armenians? will screen on Saturday, March 19th at 6pm, also at Bow Tie Chelsea Cinemas.

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