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Nora Armani is an award-winning actor/filmmaker with extensive International stage and screen credits in many languages. She has curated and organized film events, and guest-curated film festivals internationally since her debut with the 1992 Tribute to Armenian Cinema at the AFI Film Festival in Los Angeles and the Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C. She represented the Ministry of Culture of Armenia in the Film Division from 1991-1993 organizing numerous film events and retrospectives on Cinema worldwide.  Under her Paris-based film production company Parev Productions/ Square Mango Films, she has also organized film events with The Pompidou Center in Paris, ICA (Institute of Contemporary Art) London, The British Library, Cine Lumière London, Edinburgh Film Festival, Kerala Film Festival India, Birmingham, Inverness, Cardiff, and The Silver Lake Film Festival as guest curator. She has produced films that have screened at International film festival official selections such as Cannes, Rotterdam and Berlin. She often presents papers at conferences such as Central Eurasian Studies Society (CESS) at Harvard University and Harriman Institute at Columbia University, and LSE Media Studies, on Sergei Paradjanov, Cultural Identity in Cinema, and Socially Relevant films and their importance is promoting positive social change. She holds an M.Sc. degree in Sociology from The London School of Economics (LSE), and a BA in Sociology and English from AUC. For more information see full bio and filmography on her website or on IMDb.  

Nora is currently based in New York after many years in Los Angeles and Paris.

Nora Armani


Founding Artistic Director - Festival Curator



NORA ARMANI: Founding Artistic Director

LUCIE TRIPON: Panels/ Production

KECHU HUANG: Film Submissions & Filmmaker relations

MICHAEL CLAES: PR/ Marketing/ Sponsorship

JOHN BENNETT: Marketing/ Promotion

SYLVIA MEAD: Media Sponsorships/ Event and Volunteer coordinator

JILLIE THOMAS: Script Selection/ Table Readings Director

ARED SPENDJIAN: Art Director/ Branding

ALICE YEUNG: Social Media & Video Programs

MINSOO LEE: PR/ Outreach Research

YITIAN CHI:Website Update and Media Channels

ENZO FLORES: Sponsorship and Communication

CHING JUHL: Video and Photo Coverage

CONNIE AREVALO: Video Coverage

ARMEN SPENDJIAN: Video Assistance

CRAIG LOWY: Festival Trailer Editor


Lucie Tripon
Panels / Producer 

A French native, Lucie has been with the festival from the beginning. She writes plays and sketches. She was part of a French-Colombian women duo (Yorkville Theater) with Nadia Menco which wrote and performed plays around New York and then produced in 2015 a short film called Pink Dolphin that made it to several international festivals including the Cannes short corner. She is currently working on a play and a poetry project.

Ching Chen Juhl
Video and DIY Filmmaking

Filmmaker Videographer and Viola player par excellence.

Ared Spendjian

Art Director

Art Director and Branding manager 

Armen Spendjian

Grants Writer, Marketing & Social Media Guru

A recent graduate of Park School of Communications at Ithaca College in Television and Radio, Armen is passionate about music in all its forms, specifically dance music. His mixes and compositions have been played by DJ's internationally. He is the SRFF resident DJ when not doing social media and promotion.

Josephine Madinier

Intern: Submissions, Trailers Filmmaker relations

Joséphine is a French film student coming from Paris. She loves cinema and plans to work in this field: she would like to be part of the making of movies. 

Shirley Zheng

Intern: Submissions, Film Lists

Connie Arevalo

NYC based Multimedia designer

Martin Arushanyan


SRFF Ambassadors

Anna Antonova

SR Ambassador in Russia

Dalia Kasparian-Semerdjian
SR Ambassador in Vienna
Aram Spendjian
SR Ambassador in Florida

They helped us... we thank them!

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