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Dr. Ruchira Gupta wins the SR Vanya Exerjian Empowering Women & Girls Award

News and Press - Rated SR

Rated SR - PRESS

Tribeca Film on Rated SR! 

"Rated SR is sure to appeal to cinema fans of all interests” Read more...

IndieWire: Sydney’s Buzz

"an important program of films”

The Huffington Post

"a promising start at the Quad" Read more... 


Press Quotes on SR 2015 & 2014:


  • “Congratulations SR! I can’t think of a more important project to engage with over 50 films, on peoples’ lives…”

Amy Goodman, Democracy!Now, Keynote address SR 2014 


  • “Socially Relevant films [that] have a higher storytelling quotient than Hollywood’s… focused on the lives of ordinary people whose hopes and plight we can identify with.”

Louis Proyect on SR Film Festival 2015 film reviews in Counter Punch


  • “ would be very good if [SR] became a permanent feature of New York’s rich cultural and political tapestry.”

                               Louis Proyect: The Unrepentant Marxist - SR 2014


  • "...Amy Goodman provided a rousing keynote address to a festival that will probably last well into the future."

                       Chris Atamian: The Huffington Post - SR 2014


  • "....SR is sure to appeal to cinema fans of all interests. So come on and support New York’s latest festival.”

                                Catherine Fisher, - SR 2014


  • " important program of films.”

                               IndieWire: Sydney’s Buzz


  • "New York may not need another film festival, but this one certainly demands attention with its focus on films that “raise awareness [of] social problems and current issues.”

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