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Addressing genocide, sexuality, race, and identity, the Socially Relevant film fest assembles filmmakers from around the world for its hard-hitting themes and stories.

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The rising Socially Relevant Film Festival (March 14 - 20, 2016) has its own blend of panels, documentaries, features, and shorts tackling a range of issues in today’s society in its mission to promote social change through the power of more

SR Socially Relevant Film Festival Spotlightes Issues

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There is a mix of feature films and documentaries, in addition to panel discussions, filmmaker interviews and receptions, all with the intention on focusing on selections that address social more

Socially Relevant FILM FESTIVAL Holds Press Day at Bocca East

The opening party Meet the Filmmakers takes place on March 14th at the oldest Irish tavern in New York, McSorley’s Old Ale House, that has served as a set to many important movies such as The Hard WayRounders and Once Upon A Time in America to mention a more

SR Socially Relevant Film Festival

Documentary, fiction and short films from more than 30 countries are featured in this second annual festival that spotlights global social more

The Little, Socially Relevant Film Festival That Could

In a world where noise and violence, is king in cinema, it can be hard to be heard for a filmmaker whose weapons of choice are whisper and more

社会的作品を上映する映画祭がニューヨークで3月開催 (Yahoo Japan)

今年で第3回目を迎える Socially Relevant Film Festival について、ディレクターのノラ・アルマーニと広報担当のキアラ・スパグノリが語った。 more

Rated SR - the Socially Relevant Film Festival: a Promising Start at the Quad

New film festivals are reason for cautious optimism, at least for cinephiles. They often bring new films and perspectives to audiences and in the best of cases, broaden one's more

3rd SR Socially Relevant Film Festival Press Luncheon

Actress/filmmaker/curator Nora Armani made a short speech explaining the purpose of the festival, and its origin and history. The festival has four competition more

Socially Relevant Film Festival: quando lo schermo educa

Una tragica esperienza autobiografica è all'origine del Socially Relevant Film Festival, concepito dal direttore artistico Nora more

Films on the Lives of Ordinary People

I had an epiphany: “socially relevant” films have a higher storytelling quotient than Hollywood’s for the simple reason that they are focused on the lives of ordinary people whose hopes and plight we can identify more

Interview with Nora Armani

Today we meet a woman of exception : Nora Armani. Actress, filmmaker and founding artistic director of the Socially Relevant Film Festival New more

Wonder Woman Has a Name: Nora Armani

If there were an award for Most Remarkable Accomplishments (and there should be one!), our money is on a successful actress/director, who in addition to being exquisitely talented and beautiful, is also a noted more

Socially Relevant Film Festival NYC is here! INTERVIEW (YouTube)

Today’s Guest: Nora Armani, founding artistic director, SR Socially Relevant Film Festival New

SR Socially Relevant Film Festival NYC 2015 Preview: Witty Satire 'Destination: Planet Negro' (Trailer)

Among the films selected that raise awareness to social problems and current issues, is director Kevin Willmott's "Destination: Planet Negro," which will be making its New York premiere at the more

Socially Relevant Film Festival: le ciné contre la violence

Mettre des « histoires humaines et thèmes sociaux forts » en avant, c’est le défi que s’est lancé l’actrice et réalisatrice égyptienne Nora Armani, depuis le lancement du Socially Relevant Film Festival l’an more

The Film List

New York may not need another film festival, but this one certainly demands attention with its focus on films that “raise awareness [of] social problems and current issues.” more

SR Film Festival: Lifelong (Short Film)

After his release from prison, a man is unable to deal with the loneliness of his new reality and the world which he doesn’t recognize, he quickly realizes the one only way out is to return to more

Lifelong (Lebenslänglich) Directed by Liv Scharbatke, Germany; 2013; 10 min

Socially Relevant Film Festival wrap-up

SR Socially Relevant Film Festival New York wraps 2nd edition with awards to the winning films, in Memoriam to Albert Maysles and the Justice and Peace Award to Guy more

Socially Relevant Film Festival

The festival’s timely and socially engaging selection offers World and U.S. premieres, in addition to a slate of tributes and industry more

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