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New Movie 'Dovid Myer' competes at Rated SR Socially Relevant Film Festival

26Entertainment’s debut feature film, "Dovid Meyer," has been named an official selection at the 2014 Rated SR Socially Relevant Film Festival in New York City. "Dovid Meyer" will compete with 10 other feature films, as well as a strong cast of documentaries and shorts created by filmmakers from 18 different countries.

Created to use the powerful medium of film to bring awareness to social issues in a non-violent fashion, the film festival will take place from March 14-20 at the Quad Cinema , 34 West 13th Street, New York, NY. "Dovid Meyer" will screen at 7 p.m. on March 17.

"Dovid Meyer" explores the life of a young religious Israeli boy (Dovid) whose beloved father is killed by terrorist rocket fire. Dovid takes evasive action against impending homelessness for his family by obtaining a job with a family in England as an au pair. "Dovid Meyer" shows how one boy full of energy, humor and faith unites two desperate families and brings wisdom, wonder, magic and spiritual awakening into our world.

26Entertainment’s film "Dovid Meyer" entered the film festival because of its focus on collecting and highlighting significant human-interest stories and positive solutions to injustice through the effective and persuasive vehicle of cinema. Rated SR shines the spotlight on filmmakers who tell compelling narratives across a broad range of social issues without resorting to gratuitous violence and other aggressive forms of movie making.

The winning film receives a free one-week run at the Quad Cinema, including an additional all-encompassing marketing package that provides all the necessary elements to launch a successful indie film in New York.

Read the Full Article At: EXAMINER.COM

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