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A Chance

Jillie Simon | USA | 2019 | 16' |  Narrative   

Screens Saturday March 21, 12:45 PM


When Mia and Caroline reunite in a city park, they soon find out that the past is not always quite past. Conflicts are resurrected, sparks fly - and then things get complicated.

Brewed in Palestine

Emma Schwartz | USA, Israel, Palestine | 2019 | 17:17' | Documentary 

Screens Thursday March 19, 6:00 PM 

An intimate portrait of the Taybeh Brewery in Palestine, the first craft brewery on the West Bank, reveals the daily realities of one resourceful Palestinian family living and working under Israeli occupation.


Khushnuda Shukurova | USA | 2019 | 09' | Narrative     

Screens Friday March 20, 2:30 PM


Two Syrian refugee siblings receive official legal documents to permanently join their father in the United States. However, when the plane lands in JFK, they are taken into custody for interrogation by Custom and Border Police.

Fly High - طيري

​Doris Saba | Lebanon | 2019 | 06' | Narrative

Screens Friday March 13, 2:30 PM Panel following the screening


Marital Rape exists- Yes consensual sex does exists between a husband and a wife. Enforcing something in the name of religious ritual or patriarchy isn't justified by any standards. Rape is rape.

Ibrahim's Tree

Jen Marlowe | USA, State of Palestine | 2019 | 09:41' | Documentary 

Screens Thursday March 19, 6:00 PM 

In 2009, Israeli forces demolished the Awajah family’s home and killed 9-year-old Ibrahim. The family built their new “dream house,” but during the 2014 assault on Gaza, Israel destroyed that too, severing the olive tree that Ibrahim had planted as a small child. "Ibrahim's Tree" follows the Awajah family, with Ibrahim’s tree a symbol of resilience and “sumoud” (steadfastness). 

Just Before Dawn

Jen Marlowe | USA, State of Palestine | 2019 | 05:14' | Documentary 

Screens Thursday March 19, 6:00 PM 

During the 51-day Israeli assault on Gaza in 2014, nearly 18,000 Palestinians homes were destroyed, including Azza Qassem’s, a Palestinian national and women’s liberation activist. The human impact of Israel's 2014 assault concludes the series with a note of hope, as Azza reminds her viewers that Palestinians are resilient and hold onto their humanity and dignity.

Leaving to live

David Rodrigues | France | 2019 | 7:48' | Narrative

Screens Friday March 13, 2:30 PM

On December 24 in the middle of the afternoon, Alexandra, 35, makes an important decision that will change her life : leaving her marital home with her 7-year-old daughter Léa. She asks her to make a promise: to say nothing to her father.


Our Albertinia

Chantel Clark | South Africa | 2019 | 19:41'' | Narrative     

Screens Friday March 20, 2:30 PM


South Africa, 1990. When the crumbling Apartheid regime affords Marie Abrahams an opportunity to sell the family farm, her daughter Inge fights to keep their ancestral land.

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The Seashell Song

Anna Bayatyan | Armenia | 2020 | 15' | Narrative

Screens Sunday March 22, 5:00 PM     

A poetic rendition of life, regrets and inspiration to look forward no matter what. 

Two Women Can Tango

Maria Abdel Karim | UK | 2019 | 18:30' | Narrative

Screens Saturday March 21, 12:45 PM 

Reem, a Palestinian young woman living in London on a sponsored visa, has only a couple of months before her visa expires when she meets Alma, a Jewish -British Tango instructor who sweeps her off her feet the moment they have their first Tango dance together. As the dance and the feelings between the two women escalate, Reem's days in London become countable. She is left with only one choice to make that can alter their destiny!


Adria Dawn, David Tarleton | USA | 2019 | 8:51' | Narrative

Screens Tuesday March 17, 6:00 PM 

Unsafe is the seventh of a series of short films made in collaboration with middle and high school aged children by husband/wife creative team David Tarleton and Adria Dawn. The team spent a lot of time with the young participants and were inspired by their stories in the process of developing this project. The film is intended to foster social awareness and change.

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