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Script Competition Finalists

Live Script Reading:

Excerpts from the five finalist scripts below will be read by actors directed by Jillie Simon and Mike Jankowitz at Cinepolis Chelsea - Festival Lounge - M2 floor. 

Thursday, March 16, 2-3 pm

RSVP is required, as space is limited.

Portrayed in a fantasy world of medieval combat that parallels her ordinary world, a girl joins an unusual suicide prevention group to figure out how to stop her secretly abusive father and reclaim her own life. 



A child bride unexpectedly discovers her independence in war-torn Armenia, making a daring escape from the Ottoman Empire amid the genocide. Forced to speak for herself, she leaves behind home and family, and finds the strength to build a new life in the United States. Based on a true story.



A young Ukrainian smuggler gets betrayed and trafficked into a sex slave in the U.S., and while out for revenge, she forms a bond with another sex slave.

The story of Jude Brannock, a headstrong animal rights activist, who is summoned to a slaughterhouse town and discovers that animals aren’t the only ones being killed. There’s a perverse secret that the unscrupulous pork producer will do anything to keep hidden, and it’s already cost the life of a whistle-blower who was about to turn over incriminating evidence to Jude. She is determined to expose the truth and bring Marshfield Industries to its knees. 


by K. R. SCOTT

A single typo plunges a climate scientist into scandal, unravels her community, and forces her on a perilous scramble for the truth.

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