Scriptwriting Contest
Finalist Readings


Six scripts made it to the finalist position. As finalists, they are offered a 10-minute live reading of an excerpt from each script, read by actors, thus offering the screenwriters the opportunity to hear their words out loud.

Saturday, June 27, 3:00 PM 

LIVE streaming on Zoom

Reading of excerpts from six finalist scripts

Directed by: Jillie Simon

agePlays Theater Company), appearing in "Tony & Tina’s Wedding”, at the Public Theater, NYC, etc. Film & tv work includes “Confess” w/ Melissa Leo, “You Have The Right to Remain Violent”, “A Beautiful Mind”, “Full Frontal w/ Samantha Bee", "As The World Turns”, and, currently in the festival circuit, "The Incoherents” w/ Amy Carlson, “Prince Harming" & “Hungry”, a short film she also wrote, co-directed, co-produced (w/ 9 awards, including 4 Best Actress/Best Performance she was honored with in 27 festivals). Jillie has also performed at Upright Citizen’s Brigade and her production company, Endorphin Records, just finished new short film “A Chance”.

Actor-singer/writer/producer/director Jillie Simon began her career in theater, acting with luminaries such as Marlo Thomas (Cleveland Playhouse) & Marian Seldes (StagePlays Theater), appearing in "Tony & Tina's Wedding", at the Public Theater, etc. Film/TV work includes "Confess" w/ Melissa Leo, "You Have The Right to Remain Violent", "A Beautiful Mind", "As The World Turns" & recently, feature films "The Incoherents" w/ Annette O'Toole & "Prince Harming". "Hungry", a short film she wrote, co-directed & co-produced, has been honored with 17 awards, including 7 Best Actress/Best Performance/Outstanding Actress awards in 34 festivals. She's also performed improv & sketch comedy at Upright Citizen's Brigade. Her latest multi-award-winning short film "A Chance" will play at SRFF on Sat. March 21st.

The Six Finalist Screenplays

  • Kill Switch by Jaclyn Powell
    A political conspiracy thriller, a cautionary tale for those who think they do not need to participate in the political process. A well-liked but politically ambivalent Manhattan doctor discovers he's unwittingly the heart of a government conspiracy to control health care costs - and they're playing for keeps.

  • North River by Joseph Montagna
    A white, racist landlord threatens the inter-racial romance between a white, down-on-his-luck real estate broker and his black, thriving girlfriend. In fighting back for a chance to save the romance, the broker employs an unusual tactic.

  • Rose From Concrete by Selena A. Burks-Rentschler
    A creative teen with artistic ambition comes of age in a violent drug house and fights to save her addict mother, younger sister, and herself, from harm.

  • The Messenger by Joanna Louise Johnson
    An advanced being tries to save humanity from destroying Earth by getting men pregnant.

  • Ziggy and Rachel by Michael Rispoli and Gregg Greenberg
    Focuses on the friendship between a young boy and a transgender girl in his Manhattan building.

  • Regular Men by Natasha Crosby
    America's buffalo soldiers at the turn of the century were used to inequality. In fact, they almost expected it. Mingo Sanders, a soldier in the Twenty-fifth infantry stationed out of Fort Missoula, Montana, chooses not to dwell on these inequalities. A former cotton-picker from North Carolina, he enlisted in the Army, worked hard, and rose to the highest rank a man of color could achieve – that of First Sergeant. Upon their return, they were dispatched to forts nationwide, serving loyally where needed despite numerous incidents of racism and bigotry. It was at one such fort in Brownsville, Texas, on the night of August 13, 1906, that would change their lives forever.

(*) Free and open to the public.