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NOTE: Earlybird tickets are open and can be used for any one film - All Access Passes are good for all films and events of the festival, (except when by invitation).


2 GIRLS | New York  Premiere  
Jeo Baby | India | 2016 | 72 min.s

The problems faced by women in our society and the issues of women all over the world are exposed through the thoughts of two 6th grade students named Achu and Anagha. They have already experienced a lot of restrictions that are only meant for girls.

Q&A with the film director following the screening

Screens on Saturday, March 18, 2:00 pm

During the French presidential campaign in the spring of 2012 and in a climate characterized by the rise of the extreme right, some, like Marco, move away from politics and no longer vote. Both disappointed by politicians and mired in financial problems, Marco gradually turns his back on our society. Approaching forty, he takes stock of his life and realizes that he has not achieved his goals.

Q&A with the film director following the screening

Screens on Thursday, March 16, 9:15 pm

Autism is a condition not well understood by many in China. 9-year-old Xi has been diagnosed as autistic but attends a “normal” school at the continuous insistence of his mother. 

Q&A with the film director following the screening TBC

Screens on Friday, March 17, 9:15 pm

An immortal ancient prophecy awakens the truth of humanity. Prophesied by an ancient text, two men seek out in search of a Terton, a treasure revealer - one of the prophesied reincarnate Buddhas destined to propagate religion and benefit all sentient beings.

Q&A with the film director following the screening TBC

Screens on Saturday, March 18, 7:15 pm

SPLIT, tells the story of Inanna, a young actress working as a stripper, who becomes obsessed with a mask maker and sacrifices parts of herself, piece by piece, in order to win his love. The film depicts a mythic journey that blurs theater performance, dreams, and real life, as Inanna connects with other women’s experiences of trauma and repressed sexuality. This provocative and powerful confrontation frees Inanna as she is able to claim her rage and rise to her own independence.

Q&A with the film director following the screening 

Screens on Saturday, March 18, 9:15 pm

Closing Film

Chaplin's 1940 masterpiece follows a Jewish barber who returns to his neighborhood after a prolonged convalescence from injuries suffered in WW I. Unaware of the rise of Hynkel during his absence and of his own uncanny resemblance to the dictator. This most humane incarnation of the Tramp embarks on an accidental campaign of resistance, impelled by his own innocence and the will of an indomitable young woman. Chaplin's sublime storytelling gift and his faith in the vitality of civilization are on full display in this prophetic satire of the vanities of the power-mad. 

Panel discussion prior to the screening

Screens on Wednesday, March 15, 8:50 pm

Spotlight screening 

co-presented with The Thesis Group.

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