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Jury members SRFF 2019

Narrative Features


Artsvi Bakhchinyan

Artsvi Bakhchinyan is a Yerevan-based philologist and art researcher, with particular interest in film history. He is a founding member of FIPRESCI-Armenia, author of books (two about film) and many articles, interview and review in Armenian, English and Russian on Armenian film.

Emilie G. Caillon.jpg

Emilie Caillon

French bilingual actress, writer, director, producer (Edgar Pow Wow Productions) and coach, Emilie G Caillon develops creative, inspiring and engaged international content from stop motion animation, to live action, documentary, VR/AR. Trained in Paris, London, New York, Québec. 29 years of passion for visual and narrative storytelling.

VIC_n5475 (2).jpg

Victoria Harwood Butler-Sloss

Victoria Harwood Butler-Sloss is Anglo Armenian, brought up on the island of Cyprus. Her first film Cyprus Summer 1974 premiered at the SRFF in 2015. A Flock of Birds had it’s East Coast premier at SRFF in 2018; it is a chapter from Victoria’s recently published and highly acclaimed novel, The Seamstress of Ourfa. She is delighted to be judging for the festival this year.


Sebastien Sisak

Sebastien Sisak is a multilingual actor (English, French, Russian and Armenian) with an unusual career-path. Formerly a criminal investigator and legal practitioner, he recently discovered himself as an actor and in a matter of few years became a leading actor in Russia. Known worldwide as a lead actor of "Guardians" (2017), You can see him also in European productions as for exemple in "Drift" , best drama at Portobello Film Festival of London, where he performed the lead role...

Documentary Features

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Arpiar Elmayan

Born in Istanbul, Arpiar has enjoyed a long and successful career in electrical engineering and construction in New York City— but his true passions have always included cinema, art, history, human rights and environmental conservation. He currently lives in Huntington, New York.  


Christopher Wheatley

Christopher Wheatley is a former executive in international banking, whose career spanned in New York, Europe and the Middle East.  His first passion was in film and theater.  He is a graduate of Brandeis University, where he initially trained in directing, gaining an early experience acting/directing Off-Off Broadway in association with the playwright Israel Horovitz, and working as an assistant producer to Otto Preminger in New York.  In later years, he collaborated with theater companies as well as Jack Garfein and the late John Berry on various studio and production projects in Paris.


Dirk Robertson

Writer, actor and Visiting Fellow at Southampton Solent University, United Kingdom.Member Crime Writers Association, U.K. and Mystery Writers of America U.S.A.


Elda Khanamirian Awad

Elda Khanamirian Awad is an award winning Producer with twenty years experience working in advertising and television content for broadcasters and production companies trained in London and worked in Europe and the Middle East. A graduate in Film, she is passionate about making Media a force of good. She is currently living and working in Dubai, UAE.

Naela pic.JPG

Naela Refaat

Born and raised in Egypt to Egyptian parents and lived in New York for 5 years during the 80’s.  Currently, teaching Community Psychology at the American University in Cairo (AUC).  Naela’s whole career developed around social and community development in Egypt, strengthened by her background in Social Psychology and a deep understanding of cultural and social issues advancing civic and citizen engagement.  Well-versed in both the Northern and Southern cultures, her insights and inherent artistic passion drive her outlook on current global transformation.   


Sonia Herman Doltz

Documentary filmdirector Sonia Herman Dolz (Madrid 1962) has been living in The Netherlands since 1965. In 1993 her first feature length documentary 'Romance de Valentía', about the art of bullfighting, received several awards at international film festivals. ‘Lágrimas Negras’, (1997) about the senior Cuban musical band ‘La Vieja Trova Santiaguera’ touring through Europe, became an internationally acclaimed hit.Since then Sonia directs a new documentary every two years, mostly about Arts and Culture. Sonia has been a jurymember at many International Film festivals.  Retrospectives: 2005 at the International Film Festival of Seville, 2007 at Documenta Madrid, 2008 at l’ Alternativa, Independent Film Festival Barcelona.

Narrative Shorts


Nina Alban

Nina Alban is a filmmaker, writer and producer based in Paris. She is a long time collaborator of SR Socially Relevant Film Festival New York. She has a background in social studies and drama, and is an avid consumer of films and TV. 


Charles Ancelle

Charles Ancelle produced Sisters, starring Alex Essoe, which has earned a best cinematography and best actor nomination at the Hoboken International Film Festival and Kew Gardens Film
Festival respectively, and Sophie, a science fiction short film which is set to premiere
at the Chinese Theater in March 2019 for the Golden State Film Festival.


Eric Shahinian

Artsvi Bakhchinyan is a Yerevan-based philologist and art researcher, with particular interest in film history. He is a founding member of FIPRESCI-Armenia, author of books (two about film) and many articles, interview and review in Armenian, English and Russian on Armenian film.

Documentary Shorts

Marta Houske 3.jpg

Marta Houske

Marta Houske is a twice nominated Emmy winner for her documentaries.  She directed, produced and wrote "Crows of the Desert - A Hero's Journey through the Armenian Genocide" which has been an "Official Selection" of twenty two film festivals to date, and has won many awards.  Marta has directed, written and produced hundreds of TV commercials and other video genres during her decades long career.

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Eric Perlman

Eric Perlman is an Emmy winning cameraman, multi-award winning filmmaker, journalist, photographer, and mountain climber for more than 45 years.


Sarah Bullion

Coming soon...

Scriptwriting Jury


Eileen Deutsch

E.K. Deutsch is a multi-award-winning playwright, screenwriter and activist currently developing her musical comedy IL TROPPO (The Excessive One), based on the current political scene.  Mad red-haired King, domed kingdom on the road to Armageddon near the mouth of Hell, that sort of thing.  She looks forward to writing her next musical comedy about the redemption of a country by empowered women and enlightened men. and

Brigitte Gauthier PIX.jpg

Brigitte Gauthier

Brigitte Gauthier is Head of the SLAM Research Center, Head of SCRIPT and Trilingual Transmedia Master, Professor at EVE University (Université d’Evry-Paris Saclay, France).

Bethany photo A4A6720-sharp-2copy copy 2

Bethany Jacobson

Bethany Jacobson is an award winning screenwriter, director and producer. Her feature screenplay, The Electric Virgin, was a finalist for the 2017 Tribeca Sloan Filmmaker Fund, was selected for the 2017 Cannes Maison Des Scenaristes, was a winner of Best Screenplay at the 2018 Moondance Film Festival and is in pre-production with UK producer Martyn Auty and US producer Andrea Miller. Bethany has taught screenwriting and filmmaking courses and is available for script consultation, writing assignments and producing at: Website :

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