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Jury Members - 2016

Special Thanks to our Jury members of our 2nd edition for dedicating time to select the winning films in the Feature, Documentary and Short film Categories as well as the Scripts submitted to the competition.

Feature Competition Jury


Jacqueline Ada: CNC, France

Nicole Ansari-Cox:  Actress/ Producer, US

Bruno Chatelin: Editor

Marc Duret: Actor, Director, France, US
Claus Mueller: NY Correspondent Paris based M21Entertainement, Author, CUNY Prof Emeritus

Gerald Papasian: Actor, Director, Prof.


Scriptwriting Selection

Brigitte Gauthier: Scriptwriting Professor 

Lucie Tripon: Writer, Consultant

Neevon Khayati-Daryan: Scriptwriter
Nora Armani: Festival Curator

Documentary Competition Jury


Niki Bhattacharya: Media maker, Mexico

Richard Castro: Cinema Libre Studio

Louis Proyect: Film Critic

Dirk Robertson: Writer, Musician

Anjali Sharma: NY based Journalist and Consultant

Narrative Shorts Competition Jury

Anna Fischer: Filmmaker
Stephan Hering: Filmmaker

Bared Maronian: Filmmaker


Documentary Shorts Competition Jury

Jessica Vale: Filmmaker

Alessandra Giordano: Filmmaker

Tim Schwab: Filmmaker

Filippo Piscopo: Filmmaker


WFCC Award Jury


Chiara Spagnoli: Film Critic
Edie Nugent: Film Critic
Monica Castillo: Film Critic
Lesley Coffin: Film Critic
Zuzu Boisson: WFCC Intern

Prairie Miller: Film Critic, Arts Express Radio Host

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