VR/360º Films

All screened in the same session
Sunday, March 18, 1:00- 4:00 pm on Gear VR provided by SAMSUNG

  • Environment and Climate

Down To The Plastic Ocean

Down To The Plastic Ocean takes you on a magical lyrical journey that follows a plastic toy scuba ScubyDo' goes to the sea. water drain in Athens, Georgia through the streams and rivers to the edge of the coast. This short film delivers an immersive experience from ScubyDo's point of view via 360º video and compels the audience to reflect upon how to help keep our waterways and oceans cleaner.fromadiverstorm


  • Poverty

My Beautiful Home 


My Beautiful Home is a short virtual reality experience which takes place in Kibera, Africa's biggest slum on the outskirts of Nairobi. Through an empathy-based approach, it seeks to change the way in which we perceive poverty in Africa.
"His VR isn't about pity. It's about respect." - Discovery Channel News

  • Humanitarian Work

New Song
Hailing from the struggling nation of Mozambique, Pascoal Mafueque lived a life of crime and greed until he metAmericanmissionairies Heidi and Rolland Baker. These altruistic individuals helped Pascoal discover hope, faith, and the dream of using his influence for good. This VR documentary chronicles Pascoal's first-person account while also giving an immersive perspective that puts you "in" beautiful Pemba, Mozambique.



  • Sustainability - Climate

Our Nature - Honey Production


Board on an adventure that shows you first hand the life inside a eucalyptus Forest in the heart of Brazil. 'Our Nature' is a collection of 360º experiences where which you join beekeepers for exclusive access into the world of honey production. At the same time, you'll learn important information about the impact of sustainability and social responsibility inside a major corporation.



  • Animal Preservation

The Great - a VR Great White Shark Experience


This immersive VR experience will take you over 200 miles into the open ocean of Baja California in Mexico, to a remote island called Guadalupe - one of the world famous locations to encounter the mysterious yet vulnerable Great White Shark. We all have been influenced by the movie "Jaws", and we hope that this film will show the grace and beauty of this misunderstood predator, and by that, encourage people to care and protect it.