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"Meet the Filmmakers" - LIVE online session

Thursday, June 25, 2:00 pm EST 

Moderated by Nadim Shehadi

Executive Director of the Lebanese American University New York Headquarters and Academic Center

The films in this program stream online for 48 hours from June 24, 5:00 PM to June 26, 5:00 PM

Tickets to the films may be purchased through

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Short Film Block 4

Palestine Revisited

Photo 2 Wafaa_with_Ibrahims_tree.jpg

Ibrahim's Tree| Jen Marlowe |USA, State of Palestine | 09:41' | 2019

"Ibrahim's Tree" follows the Awajah family from one destroyed home to the next, with Ibrahim’s tree a symbol of resilience, regeneration and the “sumoud” (steadfastness)

Photo 1 wafaa_laundry_rubble.jpg

Just Before Dawn| Jen Marlowe |USA, State of Palestine | 05:14' | 2019

During the 51-day Israeli assault on Gaza in 2014, 18,000 Palestinians homes were destroyed. including Azza Qassem’s, a Palestinian national and women’s liberation activist.

Photo 2 Website_Loop.00_01_49_04.Still00

Brewed in Palestine| Emma Schwartz| USA, State of Palestine | 17:17' | 2019

An intimate portrait of the Taybeh Brewery in Palestine, the first craft brewery on the West Bank, reveals the daily realities of one resourceful Palestinian family living and working under Israeli occupation.

Narrative Feature

Good Morning


Good Morning | US Premiere

Bahij Hojeij | Lebanon | 2019 | 88'


Two elderly gentlemen, an 80-year old former Interior Security Forces General, and an 84-year old former Army doctor, go every day to the same coffee shop to sip their espressos and quietly solve crossword puzzles in the daily newspapers. This activity becomes their new "job" which is supposed to protect them against loss of memory.  


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