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Individual tickets for specific films are available here at the regular $12 price online ($15 at the door).

Student tickets are $5 here (with valid ID).

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Julian Friedrich, Katharina Potratz | Germany | 2017 | 07' |      

Screens Friday March 15, 9:15 PM


Sergam is a little boy. A refugee. His boat's stranded on the coast. His mother didn't survive. Instead, a young woman takes care of him and they both set off on their way through a nightmare. This is one of the films from the international short film initiative 'Second Truth'. These silent films are meant to be freely accessible on social media and are released by press offices, festivals and on CD.

10 x 10ft

Dhruv Tripathi | UK | 2018 | 18' |      

Screens Tuesday March 19, 5:00 PM


More than 60% of the people in Bombay actually reside in houses of 10x10 feet or worse. '10x10ft' revolves around a newly married couple, who is frustrated, as they have to share a one room house with the groom's parents. This frustration is further increased by the fact that getting a bigger space is a leisure that they can’t afford. In this city of crowded homes and cramped desires, where does one find the space to make love?

An Act of Terror

Ashley Paige Brim | USA | 2017 | 16' | 

Screens Tuesday March 19, 3:30 PM Q&A following the screening


The true story of Virginia Christian, a 16-year-old African American girl accused of murder in the Jim Crow SouthThe true story of Virginia Christian, a 16-year-old African American girl accused of murder in the Jim Crow South.

Family Day

Ashley Berman | USA | 201 | 17'15'' |

Screens Saturday March 16, 1:30 PM

Family Day is a powerful short film about a mid twenties woman (Kelly O' Connell) who is finishing up her third stint in rehab at Greenbrier Rehab center in Dobbs ferry NY. In the final days of her three month stay, her mother and loving step dad (Brenda and Richard) come to visit for Family Day. What ensues is unexpected and revealing. 


I'm Fat

Tom Cavanaugh | USA | 201 | 10'16'' |      

Screens Wednesday March 20, 9:00 PM


I'M FAT is a short film that deals with the body shaming issue! A big beautiful woman is working out when she's approached by a slender, attractive, seemingly 'Fitness Guru'! We find out that our big, beautiful woman is NOT putting up with it this time. She's been through it all! Our lady has been approached by people selling diets, people selling coaching, people selling gym memberships and not once have they gotten to know her...

dd News Story here

Karma Coma

Guillaume Courty | France | 2018 | 15' | 

Screens Friday March 15, 3:30 PM 

François, a young student, is accosted in the street by a stranger saying he needs medicine. François decides to give him a twenty-euro bill ... but he is very far from suspecting the consequences of his gesture.


Douglas Cushnie | USA | 2018 | 20' |

Screens Sunday March 17, 1:15 PM     

Isadora, an Indigenous Californian (Gabrielino/Tongva) woman, faces a battle to survive after being emancipated from the abusive Los Angeles mission where she was raised in the early 1800's. She's helped by Domingo, a Franciscan friar, on the journey to bring her to a Native village where she can finally be safe.


Garo Berberian | U.K. | 2018 | 19'59'' |     

Screens Sunday March 17, 3:30 PM

One of the greatest innovative poets of the 20th century, a respected teacher, exciting public speaker, loving father and husband, Taniel Varoujan at 31 foresaw the looming darkness that was approaching and the destruction of the Armenian nation in what became known as the Armenian Genocide. With Varoujan’s poems in Western Armenian – an endangered language now. The narrative is delivered with an emotive depth of feeling by Hollywood legend Sean Bean. Music by Philip Glass played by Valentina Lisitsa sets the scene of World War 1 with heartfelt minimalist tones. 

The Mandarin Tree

Cengiz Akaygün | Germany | 2017 | 17'58'' |

Screens Tuesday March 19, 5:00 PM

After her father is arrested for political reasons by the Turkish government, little Sirin is finally allowed to visit him in prison for the first time. When a prison official interprets her painting of a bird as an anarchistic symbol and confiscates it, the girl is devastated, but her father encourages her to believe in the freedom of thought. For her second visit, she paints a "harmless" mandarin tree. – Will her hidden message be discovered?

The Old Rogue (Episode One)

Steve Perkins | USA | 2018 | 5'31'' |      

Screens Sunday March 17, 9:15 PM


An elderly expatriate returns to the USA after a life overseas only to find that technology, and the social network, has changed his reality with several unintended consequences.


Timmy Miller Has a Heavy Head

Carlo Keshishian | U.K. | 2018 | 18' |

Screens Tuesday March 19, 5:00 PM


In a bout of planomania, Timmy Miller wends his way through the selcouth chasing a newly found apantomancy. Upon seeking the nepenthe, Miller encounters a myriad of curious characters who have him suspect that all is not as it seems... or is it?

Two Sides

Michael Gamarano Singleton | U.K. | 2018 | 9'57'' |

Screens Friday March 15, 5:00 PM


Two Sides explores the lives of Ali, an emerging property developer, and Ryan, a struggling electrician fallen on hard times. When their worlds intertwine, Ali is left with a new perspective.

Under The Walnut Tree

Leah Bedrosian Peterson | USA | 2018 | 06'20''|

Screens Sunday March 17, 3:30 PM

A young boy has been displaced during the massacre of his people. After wandering alone for days, he is ready to give up but fights to continue to safety. His struggle for survival ends when he finds his mother singing to a lifeless body. "Under The Walnut Tree" is loosely based on the true story of Shahan Natalie, who survived the Hamidian Massacres after witnessing the murder of his family. Also known as the Armenian Massacres, the Hamidian Massacres were the precursor to the Armenian Genocide.

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