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Joze Piranian - Stand up Comedian and Motivational Speaker

Opening act for the film WHEN I STUTTER

Joze Piranian is a lifelong stutterer on the quest to confront his fears one stage at a time, through public speaking, stand-up comedy, and random social interactions. He shares his tale of overcoming adversity with people worldwide to motivate them to face their fears, overcome their obstacles (their “inner stutter”) and fulfill their potential.


Joze holds a Bachelor of Commerce and Psychology from McGill University and a Master of International Business from Queen’s University. He is passionate about motivational psychology, stoicism, traveling, and languages –he stutters in six of them.


Joze came in first at the inspirational public speaking competition Speaker Slam in May and subsequently won their Grand Slam in December, where the 2016-2017 winners competed. In February 2018, he delivered a talk at TEDxQueensU. Joze also started doing stand-up comedy last year and he’s since performed in Toronto, Montreal, and New York. 


As an opening live act before the film When I Stutter on Friday, March 16, 5:15 pm, Joze will share his thoughts and through comedy address his fears of speaking in public. 

Ron Bruno - Executive Director of MRHS

Participant Expert in the Q&A following the Screening Block Aging Gracefully

Ron Bruno has been the Executive Director of Morningside Retirement and Health Services (MRHS) since 1997.  MRHS is a NORC Program or naturally occurring retirement community.  NORC Programs are an innovative program model for aging in the community.  The goal of a NORC program is to enable older adults to age comfortably and safely in their own homes.

Ron will participate in the Q&A with the filmmakers of the Aging Gracefully block of short films on Wednesday the 21st of March at 3:30 pm. 



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