Sunday, March 22 


22 E 12th St, New York, NY 10003, USA

(between University and Fifth Avenues)

1:30 pm

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INSIDE/OUTSIDE | New York Premiere

Nandini Sikand | USA | 2019 | 95'

Q&A Following the screening

3:30 pm


Teresa Mular | USA | 2019 | 48'

Q&A in attendance of the director and the film's subjects

5:00 pm
Two Shorts 

A poetic short film about a lonely seashell washed ashore. The heart is full of longing, the days are vain, but a bird lives in the heart that breaks free and in
the silence the melody of freedom is heard.

Song of the Seashell| Anna Bayatyan|Armenia |15:00'| 2019

A short documentary about Kond, the oldest neighborhood of Yerevan, its transfiguration
due to modernization and gentrification and the loving portraits of the people who have inhabited it for generations.

Old and New Kond| Emma Karapetyan| Armenia|08:41'  | 2019

Followed by:
Narrative Feature

LORIK | New York  Premiere

Alexey Zlobin | Armenia | 2018 | 94'

A lonely theater actor inhabits a world populated by his past characters as he unexpectedly he finds himself plunged into the realities of the people around him. Experiencing the pain and suffering of others, transforms him from a cynical narcissist into a compassionate and selfless person. When he inhabits the role of a rich oligarch, he exploits this new situation to reach an unexpected outcome.

Q&A Following the screening

7:30 pm
Closing Awards Ceremony

Tickets for these specific films and events may be purchased here

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9:15 pm

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