Short Film Blocks 

1. Climate Change, Violence and Women Paying the Price
Friday March 13, 2:30pm 

UN - NGO CSW Church Centre for the UN 8th floor

Like No Other (doc)

Mother, Daughter, Sister (doc)

Fly High

Leaving to Live

Ending Violence (doc)


We have done our best to re-schedule the above films as follows: 

  • Fly High and Leaving to Live both screen on Thursday March 19 at 6:00pm at the Lebanese American University right before the Revisiting Palestine Short block 4.

  • Like no Other screens on Friday March 20th at 4:00pm. in the Short block 6: Ancestral Lands at Cinema Village.

 2. Gun Culture USA

Tuesday March 17, 5:30pm 
Hunter College - Lang Auditorium

  • Gun Show (doc)

  • Getting Shot...the Real Deal! (doc)

  • Unsafe

  • Active Voices: Gun Reform Activism in Rochester NY (doc)

3. Medicine and Healthcare

Wednesday March 18, 6:00pm 

New York Baha’i Center 

  • Mother, Daughter, Sister (doc)

  • Nurse Helen Fairchild (doc)

  • Very Rare (doc)

  • Gifts of Life: Profiles in Courage From the Transplant Community (doc)

4. Palestine Revisited

Thursday March 19, 6:00pm 

Lebanese American University

  • Just Before Dawn (doc)

  • Ibrahim's Tree (doc)

  • Brewed in Palestine (doc)

5. Refugees are Human First

Friday March 20, 2:30pm 

Cinema Village

  • From a Distance (doc)

  • Detained

  • From Beacon to the Border (doc)

6. Ancestral Lands

Friday March 20, 4:00pm

Cinema Village

  • Voices on the Road (doc)

  • Chasing Glaciers (doc)

  • Our Albertinia

7. Social Entrepreneurs and Women

Saturday March 21, 12:45pm

Cinema Village

  • Igniting Impact (doc)

  • A Chance

  • Two Women Can Tango


Two shorts playing before “Lorik”

Sunday March 22, 5:00pm

Cinema Village

  • The Seashell Song

  • Old and New Kond (doc)