Opening Films & Events


March 16, 2020



Juan C Borrero - Melodie Carli | USA (Columbia, Ireland, UK) | 2018 | 54'

After 50 years of war, the Colombian peace process is the latest world success in peace agreements due to a very diverse and experienced group of experts, along with the support of the international community, coming together to support this initiative. A Call for Peace is our journey around the world to unravel many intriguing questions and reveal a previously unseen view into the work of notable peace-builders that are responsible for transforming conflicts around the world. The film is not only a moving historic document, but also a striking story of reconciliation in the 21st century.



 Sophie Deraspe | Canada | 2019 | 90'

Writer-director Sophie Deraspe’s incisive liberal adaptation of the Greek tragedy by Sophocles is the daring story of one young woman’s commitment to her family, even if it means sacrificing herself. As Antigone’s predicament intensifies and the consequences of her actions spiral out of control, the film deftly incorporates urgent and explosive contemporary questions of immigration and belonging, social media and identity, and the power of idealism.

“Canada's Oscar submission is an intelligent, moving reworking of Sophocles' tragedy, electrified by a breakout turn from star Nahéma Ricci.”  Variety
Canada’s official entry for Best International Film Oscar at the Academy Awards 2020.