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Dreamy, middle-age guy Pera is film projectionist and still lives with his mother Mara in Belgrade. Pera is also film aficionado and quite content to be in his mother company. NATO’s 1999 bombing of Serbia starts and two of them become refugees. After quite surreal journey they end up in New York, of all places. That is were Pera realizes that he cannot do his old job anymore, one he loves so much. Some discarded projectors give Pera an idea. His new mission in life will be to travel around and show people the magic of the real cinema. It is the one that can only be crated by filmstrips and flickering light. The one the whole world enjoyed for over 100 years and now is being replaced by digital projection. MAMAROSH (mama's boy) had a world premier at the 2013 Moscow International Film Festival in competition.

Serbia, Hungary, Germany, 101 min. 2013. Read More


Screens on Friday March 14, following the 6:30 pm opening presentation.

Director will be present for post-screening Q&A

Opening Night Celebration


Toast the Inaugural year of Rated SR Socially Relevant Film Festival New York 2014!


Rated SR and The Fourth Restaurant host a celebration


to mark the inaugural year of Rated SR Socially Relevant Film Festival New York 2014.


Following the opening night event of the festival at the Quad Cinema at 6:30 pm on March 14 with inaugural address, awards categories announcement, introductions and the screening of the opening film Mamarosh, an [invitation only] celebration takes place at The Fourth Restaurant NYC to kick off the start of a wonderful adventure.


Press and industry invitations are available upon request. Contact us.

RSVP here:


Closing Night Celebration


Toast the closing of the Inaugural year of Rated SR and see your favorite films win the awards!

Rated SR Closing Night Award Ceremonies @Tenri Center


Hosted by Rated SR Socially Relevant Film Festival New York, the Awards Ceremony will take place at the Tenri Center (across the street from the Quad Cinema). The winning films in the Freature, Documentary, Narrative Short, Documentary Short and Scriptwriting Categories will be awarded the Grand Prize by Quadfilx Select, the DVD-VOD distribution award by Cinema Libre Studio, Scriptwriting Award (Final Draft) and recognitions for the Narrative and Documentary short films.


Special awards:

  • WFCC (Women Film Circle Critics Award) presented by Prairie Miller of WBAI/Pacifica National Radio Network's Arts Express.

  • Rated SR Vanya Exerjian Award for Empowering Women and Girls designed and donated by Michael Aram will be presented by Her Excellency Ambassador Simona Miculescu, Permanent Representative to the UN and Founding Artistic Director Nora Armani.

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