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Jury Members - 2015

Special Thanks to our Jury members of our 2nd edition for dedicating time to select the winning films in the Feature, Documentary and Short film Categories as well as the Scripts submitted to the competition.

Feature Competition Jury


Jacqueline Ada: CNC, France

Nicole Ansari- Cox:  Actress/ Producer, US

Jordan Mattos: Distribution/Acquisition, US

Valerio Caruso: Editor Cineuropa, France, Italy
Mariette Monpierre: Film Director, France, Guadeloupe/ US


Scriptwriting Competition Jury


Robert Schenkkan: Pulitzer Prize winning playwright/screenwriter, US

Morgan Jenness: Dramaturg, Literary Consultant, educator, US
Brigitte Gauthier: Scriptwriting Professor, France 
Ruth Priscilla Kirstein: Actress/Director - The Middle East Film Initiative

Documentary Competition Jury


Antoine de Baecque: Film Critic, France

Patrick Vilbert: Lawyer, France

Lorena Luciano: Filmmaker, US, Italy

Beth Portello: Producer/distributor, US

Nareg Hartounian: Non-Profit Director, Photographer

WFCC Award Jury


Chiara Spagnoli: Film Critic
Edie Nugent: Film Critic
Monica Castillo: Film Critic
Lesley Coffin: Film Critic
Zuzu Boisson: WFCC Intern

Prairie Miller: Film Critic, Arts Express Radio Host

Documentary Shorts Competition Jury

Michele Soulignac: Director Peripherie - Paris

Simon Brook: Filmmaker SR 2014

Sandrine Morvan: Director Commune Image - Paris

Filippo Piscopo: Filmmaker SR 2014


Short Films Competition Jury

SR Team members and 

Directors from last year's edition


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